Testimonial from Jean of Dunedin, New Zealand

"Dear Elmari,
 I have been suffering from Diverticular Disease of the bowel for
same 10 years now but in the last 9 months it has got progressively worse.
I had ever increasing pain and running to the toilet with diarrhea 12 times a day. In the end the doctor requested a colonoscopy, which I have had
before, about six years ago. I got the same result, severe inflamed
diverticular disease, but no cancer or polyps. There is nothing more we can do for you.

By then I was near my wits end with not much sleep etc. I got up the next
morning (Saturday) and went to the health shop to buy some colostrum
capsules. The shop owner agreed it may help me but suggested I take Slippery Elm to help the diarrhea. I was desperate so I bought both to try together.
By that evening I was already starting to feel better and by the next
Saturday all my pain had gone. I continued to take colostrum capsules for some 4 weeks now I now have no pain at all with normal bowel movements. This product is so natural "bovine Colostrum from cows" yet so powerfully effective.

Yours truly
Dunedin, New Zealand
"I am 66 years of age and retired,
I take your Colostrum approximately 20 months now.
My blood pressure has improved.My skin has visibly improved.
People who have known me for sometime compliment me as my general appearance have improved.
My blood sugar is normal.
My Cholesterol values have become normal.
Also, your Colostrum has made my body stable again "


"First of all I want to say how grateful I am to you. My partner had been suffering from discoid eczema for the past three years. The only "cure" we could find were steroid that were getting stronger and stronger over the years. Since my partner started taking colostrum, his condition has been steadily improving, finally allowing him to sleep peacefully throughout the nights (that were previously been disrupted by itchy skin)."


Irina  from Wellington New Zealand*

Your testimonial......

I am happy to get back to you and let you know how pleased I am with your colostrum. I don't have to take as much of your product to get even better results than I was getting from another companies colostrum. I have chronic fatigue - so essentially I have a very poor working immune system. Colostrum gives me the boost I need so that I can work and play. I also take lots of vitamins. Thank you so much for your colostrum. You are saving me $50.00 per month and I can use that right now.

Have a great day!

Calfornia,  USA

Colostrumhealth™ products - more testimonials from our customers

We do publish some Testimonials we receive from our customers on our website, we cannot publish all, due to space problems, please do not feel offended should yours not be included. We will update the testimonials from time to time and appreciate your feedback. With clients worldwide, the only contact we do have is through your feedback and comments, it is a great encouragement as well as very helpful to us. Knowing what you are looking for and what you are experiencing helps us with product development and gives us an indication where we can better our service to you.
There are numerous studies in Medical journals relating to the benefits of Colostrum, people are benefitting in so many ways taking this amazing ’first food’ from nature. We bring you the highest quality New Zealand Colostrum powder in its purest form in our capsules and powder with no additives, no magnesium stearate or other flowing agents. Our tablets are a blend of Colostrum powder, with milk powder as a binder, tabletting agents and vanilla flavouring.
We trust our careful choice of the purest product will also benefit you. We look forward to hearing your news.
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